order of the day

"Stop worrying. First of all, you know how you get when you're stressed; it's not pretty, and it hasn't been what most often wins you friends -- especially since your sign virtually wrote the book on the subject. Then, too, there's the fact that if you play your cards right, you can make not just a new friend, but cross paths with someone who might be exactly right for you. There now, isn't that enough inspiration to keep you calm?"

OK. will do.

horoscope-me 1:0


as of tomorrow

crappy day today.
crappy mood this evening.
need changes.
need more discipline.
stop laissez faire.
not only start doing things.
getting things done.

as of tomorrow:
set deadlines.
even for myself.
take decisions.
more pressure.
move forward.

off now to find a better mood - and a campari.



do i miss you because you are unavailable, far away, inaccessible right now or do i miss you because of you, yourself?

missing:txt msgs

i'm missing our conversations about nothing at all and the whole wide world squeezed into little text messages.

please come home safe from p.



let the games begin


mädchen, links

wo ist mein edding? da hing es, da hinten links, ich weiß es genau. es ging ihnen gar nicht schnell genug. alles abzuhängen, zu verkaufen, auszuräumen, schnell, schnell. und jetzt ist es schon halb rot gestrichen. rot. rot geht gar nicht. schnell, schnell, bevor jemand kommt, bevor sie es merken, male ich es wieder hin, einfach direkt auf die wand, dann bleibt sie für immer da, auch unter den farbschichten: mädchen, links. mit rahmen. (aufgw.)

summer, now

a million tiny sun rays pricking my skin calling for freckles through the clouds on an early sunday morning